NBA License Application

Below please find a link to the prospective National Basketball Association (“NBA”) license application. We appreciate your interest in applying for an NBA license. NOTE: NBA Properties, Inc. (“NBAP”) reviews each application submitted for an NBA license; however, we receive far more applications than we are able to approve.

You should be aware that, as standard license terms, NBAP requires, among other things, payment of the following: (i) a royalty on the net sales of each licensed article sold; (ii) an annual minimum guarantee and (iii) a merchandise credit to NBAP for the licensed articles (all of the above in amounts to be determined by NBAP). Moreover, as a prerequisite to NBAP’s consideration of a new licensee, the applicant must have an established means of distribution and a sufficient direct sales force (or number of sales representatives) to actively promote the sale of the licensed articles throughout the authorized territory.

Only fully completed applications, including a signatures and a completed and signed General Inquiry Authorization and Release, will be reviewed. Failure to provide any of the information requested in the application will preclude NBAP’s consideration. Please allow a minimum of six (6) weeks from receipt of your completed application for our review.

NBAP regularly receives numerous licensing requests and suggestions, many of which are very similar to concepts and initiatives that NBAP has previously developed on its own or that have been proposed by third parties. Accordingly, when submitting your license application, do not include any information nor material (including samples) that you want to keep confidential or that you believe is proprietary or legally protectable. By submitting your license application, you acknowledge and agree that (1) no confidential relationship is established between you and NBAP, (2) NBAP shall have the right to use and/or disclose any information or material that you present in connection with your license application freely and without any obligation to you whatsoever, (3) NBAP’s use and/or disclosure thereof will not give rise to any claims by you or anyone else against the NBA, any of its member teams, NBAP, or any of their respective employees, representatives, agents or affiliates, and (4) you shall be bound by the Application Terms and Conditions attached at the end of the application.

We look forward to receiving your completed application.

NBA License Application